So I´m a physicist, specialized in optoelectronics, who stumbled into the patent business in 1989.
First in the Norwegian Patent Office, then a small visit to the patent department in Statoil, a major Norwegian oil company, and then into private practice. Now in Protector IP AS
Which means I´m helping small and medium sized Norwegian companies, and luckily also a couple of research institutes, in my technical field (in a broad sense). I have been working with some of them for more than 25 years. Longer than I have been employed anywhere.

Most of the time it is interesting. Inventors are like artists, interesting and interested in what they are doing.

In addition I´ve been involved in the organization for European Patent Attorneys EPI, both as Council since 2008, which is both interesting and has given me a chance to take some pictures in a lot of different European cities.