On photographic equipment

Photographic equipment is fascinating, but...

OK, with my technical background of course I´m interested in the technology, but I hate the hysteria that some times occur on the internet where every question is answered with a recommendation for something new to buy, and where it seems impossible to do anything with something more than 6 months old. Knowledge is underestimated. If you know what you are doing you don´t need all that stuff. Photography is visual communication, not equipment.

I´ve used Pentax from the beginning, simply because my father had a couple of lenses. Now I´ve got lots of lenses myself, from old stuff from the 70´s, a couple of legendary ones from the 80´s (like A*85mm f/1.4 and A*135mm f/1.8) to completely new ones, so there´s no reason to change.

Both for fun and for the qualities a larger medium provides I also use medium format black and white film, and an old Bronica SQ-A with a few lense. In addition to scanning the best pictures are made on fiber base selenium toned Ilford paper.

When I really want to enjoy the slow process and concentration I used a Razzle camera, an old Polaroid 110B rebuilt by Dean Jones in Australia to be a 4x5 large format range finder camera, and the pictures are of course shown in the Razzle section. One day I´ll get a large format enlarger and a 8x10 camera, but then we need a new house.